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​​​​​​​​​​​​Here's The Scoop

We are a start-up ice cream delivery service operating out of Arlington Massachusetts. We specialize in handmade customized and signature ice cream/fro yo sundaes made from fresh ingredients. From the way we store the ice cream, to the ingredients we use for our toppings, portions, aesthetics, training a team that shares our sundae making philosophy, everything is designed to change the way people experience ice cream. Our fruit is incredibly fresh, our brownie/cookie and pie crust toppings are baked in store and our candys our hand chopped rather than the made-for-ice-cream generics used by most ice cream shops. We spend the extra time and effort to enhance the flavor of our sundaes and create a unique customization option that gives customers a treat they’ve never experience before. Sundae cores, homemade nutella whipped cream, frosted red velvet sundaes, we are constantly trying new things and introducing new toppings and sundaes to the menu because we want to raise the bar and because its fun. We also believe strongly in the aesthetics of our sundaes. Sundaes should be as beautiful as they are delicious. And of course… we deliver. Yup, right to your door til 2am. Design your sundae from the comfort of your home or choose one of our signature sundaes and get it delivered. We have a fleet of drivers with medical grade freezers so all sundaes will arrive quickly in perfect condition. We have a great team assembled and we are all ready to change the ice cream game forever.