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Open since May 2016, our arlington shop is located in East Arlington just beyond the Cambridge border. We are a sundae delivery company by trade, but we now feature a lively storefront to serve Arlington and the surrounding communities.

112 Mass


Upon entering you will likely find a team of sundae makers flying around making WAY too many sundaes for the number of people in our shop. This is because we are preparing delivery orders! We are an operation built on speed and communication and this can be quite a sight when entering our small storefront tucked away in a quiet little section of Mass Ave.


In store hours:

 Mondays - closed

  Tues-Sat - 3pm-2am

  Sunday  - 3PM-10PM


We're a takeout joint but we do have seating in the store if you'd like to sit and eat. The seating is limited but very rarely occupied. We have two benches and a window seat. Customers may also sit on our spare delivery freezers.


 We've spent the last few years perfecting a system of sundae production designed to crank out beautiful sundaes. We wanted to change the ice cream game and the first course of action was speed. No more waiting in lines

Phone Calls

We do our very best to answer the phone during the rush but this often difficult due to the volume. During peak hours we ask all customers to use our ordering sites to place orders. We also encourage customers to send us an email for order status inquiries



We're an ice cream and frozen yogurt delivery joint so our menu may be different from what you're used to. Have no fear, any one of our sundae experts can walk you through it. Due to the nature of our business we have limited seating in the store, but you're more than welcome to hang out, watch the sundae delivery madness or take a seat on one of our benches. We encourage all new customers to explore our menu, venture outside their comfort zone and try one of our signature sundaes. We promise you'll be back for more. 

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