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Delivery Roots

Ice cream delivery is what we do. Long before we opened a storefront in Arlington we were delivering sundaes out of a food truck; slowly building a customer base, slowly forming a method to the madness. That was almost six years ago.




We learned a lot in those first couple years. We learned about ice cream and topping temperament, proper temperature storage, modifying delivery equipment, packaging, preparation efficiency and transportation. We also learned how to make a pretty kickass sundae.


once the method was locked, we needed to make it better and faster. order volume kept growing and it forced us to adapt on the fly. the goal was always simple, make beautiful sundaes fast and deliver them fast. if we did those two things better than anyone else, we change the game.  


 every day was a battle. we had the product but the operation couldnt keep up. each day we made small improvements to go a little faster, operate a little smoother. always sprinting and scrambling, then slowing down at the end of a night to think about how we can do things never stopped, still hasnt stopped.   


so many days after days. scooping and toppings and routing and prepping. so many sundaes and deliveries. every single day for years we immersed ourselves in ice cream delivery and hoped we'd come out the other end with that secret sauce. That magic system to produce and deliver our sundaes at mass. IT wasnt easy, but we found it 


today our delivery operation spans across three stores and fills over 500 deliveries a day. in 2019 grubhub ranked us #1 dessert delivery shop in america.   


We wrote the book on this stuff because we've done it for a long time and we were the first to do it! Our roots run deep in the delivery game and we have a system that backs it up. We have the best equipment, a ton of experience and a fantastic team built around our philosophy of sundae making and delivery. Armed with experienced sundae makers and a brand new location in Brighton, we are locked loaded and ready to change the way you experience ice cream forever.

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