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The Truck Days

Sometimes its hard to believe. Three years ago we flew to Orlando Florida, hopped in an ice cream truck bound for Boston, never having scooped a cup of ice cream in our lives. Over a year of finding investors, applying for permits, meeting with the town hall officials and the health department. All our money spent on a truck we had never seen, in an industry we had no experience in for a business idea that didn't exist. The odds were stacked against us, but it only fueled our fire. We reveled in the idea of starting something that was ours and entirely unique. 

Get Em Talkin

First couple months were grueling. 9 hours in a loud dark truck watching the order queue like a hawk. We had no formal advertising so we relied entirely on word of mouth. This meant every sundae had to be memorable. Every sundae needed to demonstrate what we were all about. The quality, the aesthetic, the speed. We believed customers were looking for any reason to resort back to the 'ole reliable pint of ice cream at the corner store. We needed to make sure every sundae left an impression. Big, beautiful and delivered fast right to the comfort of your home. It was in this pursuit of perfection we learned what it takes to prepare toppings and build a beautiful sundae at lightening speed.   


In the beginning, the stakes were so high. Every sundaes was someones first experience with us. Every delivery was a chance to spread our gospel. We knew we needed more than beautiful sundaes, we needed FAST delivery. We needed to be a triple threat. Convenience of delivery means very little without speed. Sundae quality was paramount but we needed a system of routing and sundae preparation that resulted in lightening fast delivery times. That first year was all about fine tuning our system and becoming experts at  the logistics and operations of ice cream delivery. After that year, the stage was set. All we needed was a space and a team to expand our reach.