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  • How much notice do you need for catering orders?

We need a minimum of 12 hours notice

  • What's your delivery radius for catering orders?

We have an 8 mile delivery radius from our store in Arlington. We may make exceptions upon request. That covers all of Boston, Cambridge, Allston, Brighton, Newton, Medford, Somerville, Arlington, Belmont, Everett, Watertown, Charlestown, Lexington, Waltham, Winchester etc.  

  • Do you have a delivery fee for catering orders?

YES, and delivery fees are based on distance

1-3 Miles $5     3-5 Miles $10     5-8 Miles $15

  • What are your catering options?

We have two catering options. Option 1 features the selection of signature sundaes, which are prepaid and delivered to the event. Option 2 is the self service option. We will scoop selected flavors for the event in the selected sizes and provide the selected toppings for self application. 

  • Will the ice cream melt?

Absolutely not! All catering orders are transported in medical grade delivery freezers. Each freezer maintains a temperature of -7 degrees Farenheit. All ice cream will remain frozen regardless of the ambient temperature.

  • How do I place a catering order?

First, select one of our catering option HERE. Once you select a catering option, you will complete a form that will ask specific questions about your event. Once the form is completed, a Scootery manager will contact you immediately to confirm your catering order, discuss details, arrange payment, and book your catering order.

  • How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on the selected catering option (Customized Option/Signature Option), # of guests (25-300), and selected sundae size (8oz/12oz/16oz) 

  • How are sundaes served at the event?

We do not offer a full service catering option. Our drivers are only responsible for delivering the catering order safely to its destination. Once the order is delivered, the event coordinator must either serve the sundaes to their guests or transfer the order to another freezer. We cannot leave delivery freezers at destination.  

  • Tell me about the sizes 8oz, 12oz & 16oz

Our sizes are based solely on the amount of ice cream in each cup, toppings excluded. Toppings can easily add an additional 2-3oz.  Our 8oz size will be a delightful treat for each guest and likely satisfy any ice cream craving. Our 12oz size is our most popular option and ordered most frequently for catering orders. It will comfortably feed one person, potentially with some to spare. 16oz can feed two, or one hungry ice cream lover!

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