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The Brief Wondrous Life of a Sundae

You crafted the perfect sundae, hit ‘Place Order’ and now you wait for your frozen treat to arrive. With a clear sharp ‘ping’ your order appears on the screens at our scooping and topping stations. Scoopers get the event started, fitting as much ice cream as possible in the cup while also making sure there is plenty of room for toppings. Then over to the toppers who make sure you have enough topping while staying in the cup and looking beautiful. Then they get bagged and popped in the freezer to wait for a driver. As your dae waits staying nice and cold we work on routing our drivers to ensure the shortest wait times for you and the least to and froing for our drivers. During peak hours our drivers take up to six orders at a time. At last, you and your dae are united at your door safe, sound, and on the daes part cold, ready for you to enjoy.


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