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The Scootery Upside down

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

We have a new section of our menu! The Upside Down is our offering of non-sundae ice cream treats. To start we have Cookie Sandwiches, we all know them and love them. We have chocolate chip, sugar, or peanut butter cookies than any of our ice cream flavors (unfortunately fro-yo is not sandwich compatible). Next, we have the Brownie Doublestack, for all the chocolate lovers out there. In a Tasty cup (16 oz.) we have a brownie, any of our ice cream or fro-yo flavors, a layer of whipped cream, brownie bits, and fudge. Finally, we have the Nutella Bowl, with fruit so… healthy! Again in a Tasty cup, you get a scoop of ice cream or fro-yo, the fruit of your choice, Nutella sauce or Nutella whip, and the option to pick a crunch. For both the Brownie Doublestack and Nutella Bowl you can add additional toppings for an extra charge. Since this is a new offering we want your feedback to give you guys the best ice cream treats.



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