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$20/Hour (After Tips)

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Once Submitted our hiring manager will call to set an interview

To start you will become a sundae maker. You will learn to scoop, top, and prepare beautiful sundaes for in store customers and delivery. You will practice topping and scooping and applying whipped cream until you demonstrate a knowledge of the menu and an ability to make beautiful sundaes. Once efficient in sundae preparation you will learn each station of our operation (delivery routing, bagging, cashier, utility). We want you to be effective at any station you are positioned in.  This is a fun, young, high-energy working atmosphere. No two days are the same and we are growing rapidly. You must work well with a team and handle yourself in stressful situations. That being said we have an experienced crew that will help you get up to speed. Those who apply must be willing to learn our extensive menu, and have the ability to make sundaes accurately, beautifully, and with speed. 


New hires will earn $20/$22 per hour after tips. Base pay starts at $14. After employees demonstrate a capacity to prepare sundaes and operate independently pay may increase. Employees that demonstrate a capacity to manage delivery operation may also receive a pay increase. Sundae builders and cashiers also receive tips left by customers in store. Sundae makers receive an average of $30 in tips on weekdays and $45 on weekends through a 5 hour shift. This means you will receive $20-22/hr. Weekend availability is a must. All those who apply must be willing to work until 10pm/11pm/12am. Shifts typically begin at 5-6pm. 

Our hiring manager will be contacting you soon!

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